A desire to help grow social justice and care for our beautiful planet led me to community organizing around food justice, then to rural organic farming, and eventually, to education and flowers. I’m proud to say for the past 15 years I have helped to nurture soil, grow my own food and flowers, on my own and in community.

I love that floral design allows me to meet fun, loving and mindful clients and connect them with seasonal flora and our local flower, herb, perennial, and foliage farmers. I’ve had many lives in my 38 years: Audrey Hepburn/NYC-obsessed teenager; literature major; novice journalist and ESL instructor in Santiago, Chile; urban farming educator and farmers market manager; community garden outreach coordinator; compost educator; urban farm manager, and now, for eight years, a business owner and floral designer.

Throughout these many experiences, the connective tissue has always been people, soil, and plants. At the core, I care deeply about equity, inclusion, sustainability and loving kindness and work to help these values emanate through this business.



I continue to be deeply inspired by all of the local blooms and foliages, from cultivated to wild and foraged, that any given season has  to offer. Our region’s climate and four-season evolution offers something just right for every occasion, all year round. I am interested and inspired by my clients’ vision, and whenever they are needing  guidance, I’m happy to share my love of wild, natural designs. In other words, I love to bring your vision to life using the gorgeous product we have available locally.